Still Alive!

So we survived the big winter storm. We ended up getting more sleet instead of freezing rain, which is good. Sleet is little pellets of ice that accumulates like snow instead of coating everything with ice. We had a couple inches of sleet before it turned back to the freezing rain.

We had a little bit of everything–sleet, freezing rain, snow, high winds. After all is said and done we have about 3-4 inches of solid frozen precipitation on our driveway, sidewalks, and neighborhood streets. You can walk, sled, skate right on top of it… no sinking.

The main city streets are better today, but the city does nothing to neighborhood streets, so they have pretty much been untreated and unplowed.

School is cancelled again tomorrow presumably because the neighborhoods are so bad, and all the school parking lots are ice. We have never, ever had three snow days in a row.

The kids are over the novelty and ready to be done. Spencer actually set out on foot to go meet a friend today because I wouldn’t let him drive… oh, and my car had a dead battery.

The worst part was the winds… you can see all the branches down. It sounded like shattering glass as the winds blew the icy branches around in the night. I kept getting up to make sure a tree wasn’t going to fall on the house.


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