Spring Surprise










Week in Review

More Instagram pics this week…

Rained all weekend. This is what it looked like Saturday running errands.

But of course Monday morning it was all blue sky and sunshine.

Anxious to start planting flowers, but I know I really should wait until May…

Wednesday night we had pizza from a food truck

And yogurt from Huddles our favorite frozen yogurt shop.

I cooked a lot this week too. Manicotti…


So I’m a little late to the iPhone/Instagram party, but better late than never. It is really fun. Here are a few shots from the week. All were taken at or near my home, except for the barn which was taken from the interstate on the way home from Cincinnati last weekend. You can see all my Instagram photos here.

life rearranged


Our mild winter has gone straight to summer. We seem to have skipped spring–80plus degrees today.

These pictures were taken on a mild day in early January just after her 14th birthday. On a day where, remarkably, we could go out late in the afternoon with just a light jacket and take advantage of that golden sun.

It’s not unheard of, though, mild weather in January. The January Thaw they call it. The day we brought her home from the hospital 14 years ago was 60 degrees.

I had packed warm woolies, footie pajamas, and baby snowsuits that all ended up being much too hot for her to wear. In the end we stripped her down to her onesie and wrapped her up in a hospital receiving blanket. So much for newborn fashion.

I found the Brownie Target vintage camera at my neighborhood garage sale last summer.

Black & White (3/52)

Not sure how I feel about black & white food shots. But that was the theme for this week and I decided to go for it. The pattern of the countertop is much more prominent in the B&W I think.

And here’s the color version. The soup is stuffed pepper soup, which is very easy and pretty tasty. Perfect for the cold weather we’ve been having.


2012. The new year stretches before us like a fresh expanse of ice after the Zamboni machine has exited the rink. And like wobbly skaters we take our first tentative steps into January. I’m not making any official resolutions this year. My standbys are always there, predictable and uninspiring as ever–get organized, eat right, exercise more. I do have a few aspirations I suppose you could call them for the new year. I want to learn to use full Photoshop (not just Photoshop Elements, although it’s great). I want to read more and create more. I want to take a yoga class. I don’t suppose I will be landing any triple salchows, but hopefully as we go through the months I will pick up some speed and gain confidence.

I’m linking up again with Project 52 again with Jan at Twoscoopz–although I petered out last year, surely I can keep up with it this year, right?