Our mild winter has gone straight to summer. We seem to have skipped spring–80plus degrees today.

These pictures were taken on a mild day in early January just after her 14th birthday. On a day where, remarkably, we could go out late in the afternoon with just a light jacket and take advantage of that golden sun.

It’s not unheard of, though, mild weather in January. The January Thaw they call it. The day we brought her home from the hospital 14 years ago was 60 degrees.

I had packed warm woolies, footie pajamas, and baby snowsuits that all ended up being much too hot for her to wear. In the end we stripped her down to her onesie and wrapped her up in a hospital receiving blanket. So much for newborn fashion.

I found the Brownie Target vintage camera at my neighborhood garage sale last summer.

Black & White (3/52)

Not sure how I feel about black & white food shots. But that was the theme for this week and I decided to go for it. The pattern of the countertop is much more prominent in the B&W I think.

And here’s the color version. The soup is stuffed pepper soup, which is very easy and pretty tasty. Perfect for the cold weather we’ve been having.


2012. The new year stretches before us like a fresh expanse of ice after the Zamboni machine has exited the rink. And like wobbly skaters we take our first tentative steps into January. I’m not making any official resolutions this year. My standbys are always there, predictable and uninspiring as ever–get organized, eat right, exercise more. I do have a few aspirations I suppose you could call them for the new year. I want to learn to use full Photoshop (not just Photoshop Elements, although it’s great). I want to read more and create more. I want to take a yoga class. I don’t suppose I will be landing any triple salchows, but hopefully as we go through the months I will pick up some speed and gain confidence.

I’m linking up again with Project 52 again with Jan at Twoscoopz–although I petered out last year, surely I can keep up with it this year, right?


Icy Blur (5/52)

For focus52 this week. I thought I had had enough of snow and ice pictures.

But it’s amazing the difference a little sun can make.

We are still nowhere near cleaning up all the ice from this week’s storm.

Schools have been closed four days. Four days. That has never happened before here in the city. The school districts were ill-prepared for removing several inches of solid ice from all the parking lots and sidewalks.

The neighborhoods are still skating rinks also. Not sure when it’s all going away.

Still Alive!

So we survived the big winter storm. We ended up getting more sleet instead of freezing rain, which is good. Sleet is little pellets of ice that accumulates like snow instead of coating everything with ice. We had a couple inches of sleet before it turned back to the freezing rain.

We had a little bit of everything–sleet, freezing rain, snow, high winds. After all is said and done we have about 3-4 inches of solid frozen precipitation on our driveway, sidewalks, and neighborhood streets. You can walk, sled, skate right on top of it… no sinking.

The main city streets are better today, but the city does nothing to neighborhood streets, so they have pretty much been untreated and unplowed.

School is cancelled again tomorrow presumably because the neighborhoods are so bad, and all the school parking lots are ice. We have never, ever had three snow days in a row.

The kids are over the novelty and ready to be done. Spencer actually set out on foot to go meet a friend today because I wouldn’t let him drive… oh, and my car had a dead battery.

The worst part was the winds… you can see all the branches down. It sounded like shattering glass as the winds blew the icy branches around in the night. I kept getting up to make sure a tree wasn’t going to fall on the house.

The Ice Storm Cometh

Results of last night’s ice storm. They say this was just the warmup. If the forecasters are right we could get another inch of ice tonight followed by several inches of snow on top.

We’re all stocked up with bread and milk and matches and batteries.

The store shelves are as bare as these branches.

Spencer’s just happy because the stuff is too hard to shovel.

If we don’t lose power I’ll post more pictures tomorrow!

Cold (3/52)

Pictures for focus52 this week… The prompt was Cold and how could I not follow it when we’ve had snow most of the week and it was below zero this morning.

I wish that you could see her breath a little closer to her mouth–more of a “trail.” But it really didn’t show up that clearly until it was farther away from her mouth. Also a better background might have helped, but I loved the angle of the sun here, and my yard/house doesn’t offer that many scenic spots anyway.

We really only spent a few minutes taking these pictures because like it said it was COLD, and we were actually on the way to the doctor to have a recheck on Emma’s lingering ear infection (she got a different antibiotic). School was on a two-hour delay this morning, so she ended up making it to school only a little late.

Happy Weekend!

Acrobat (Week 2/52)

Wildlife photographer I am not, but I was pretty pleased with myself to capture this little guy–a nuthatch I think–just hangin’ out on the birdfeeder. And the best part is I took this photo while enjoying the comfort and warmth of the birdwatching room at the park. It’s a great place–big picture window that opens onto the forest, luxurious leather couches, and the sound from outdoors is piped inside so you can actually hear the bubbling brook and birdsong.

For week 2 of focus52