Spring Surprise










Week in Review

More Instagram pics this week…

Rained all weekend. This is what it looked like Saturday running errands.

But of course Monday morning it was all blue sky and sunshine.

Anxious to start planting flowers, but I know I really should wait until May…

Wednesday night we had pizza from a food truck

And yogurt from Huddles our favorite frozen yogurt shop.

I cooked a lot this week too. Manicotti…


2012. The new year stretches before us like a fresh expanse of ice after the Zamboni machine has exited the rink. And like wobbly skaters we take our first tentative steps into January. I’m not making any official resolutions this year. My standbys are always there, predictable and uninspiring as ever–get organized, eat right, exercise more. I do have a few aspirations I suppose you could call them for the new year. I want to learn to use full Photoshop (not just Photoshop Elements, although it’s great). I want to read more and create more. I want to take a yoga class. I don’t suppose I will be landing any triple salchows, but hopefully as we go through the months I will pick up some speed and gain confidence.

I’m linking up again with Project 52 again with Jan at Twoscoopz–although I petered out last year, surely I can keep up with it this year, right?


Winners Drink Milk (18/52)

My apologies for no May flowers or Mother’s Day pictures here this week. I spent my Mother’s Day weekend at the Indiana State Band contest.

Our school won for the third year in a row, and my boy–a senior–got to be one of the two representatives to receive the award…

…and drink the ceremonial milk (Contest sponsored by Indiana Dairy Farmers). It’s an Indiana thing–the winner of the Indy 500 also drinks milk in the winner’s circle.

Photographically events like this are a huge challenge for me. And I have a hard drive of fuzzy, grainy, dark pictures to show for my efforts. The red and blue stage lights, although they did add some fun effects in certain shots, were also a challenge. I finally gave up on color and just went with black & white.

Bird Watching (16/52)

A robin built her nest outside my son’s window. It happened in a day, while he was at school. The shades were drawn and all was quiet.

She probably thought she was choosing a quiet safe location for her nest and potential babies.

I fear she’s like the unsuspecting home buyer who builds a house next to a lovely wooded lot and then learns that a strip mall is being built next door.

Worst part is that it is within easy reach of our cat, which could have disastrous consequences. Location is everything. I’m not sure what to do about this little drama unfolding on my window sill. Maybe if I take enough pictures of her she’ll get nervous and move on. I would like a shot of those lovely blue robin’s eggs first, though.

Swingin’ (15/52)

Between cold days last week, we had a beautiful warm day. It was nice to spend some time at the park with my friend and her two littles–two of my favorite photography subjects.

I so wish digital cameras had been around when my kids were little. We got our first one when Emma was about 5 maybe. Then it took me a few years to come embrace the new technology, and by the time I did, well, moments like these were long gone.

Butler Blue (13/52)

I missed posting last week. I had plenty of pictures to choose from but sometimes I am just not motivated to download from the camera, edit (even minimally) and then post here and on Flickr. This week I decided to go with a couple shots from the campus of Butler University.

We live just a couple miles from Butler and all our kids have grown up attending everything from concerts to music lessons to volleyball camp there. Spencer currently is in the Butler Youth Jazz Ensemble and we were there for a concert. They’ve dyed all the water blue in honor of the Butler basketball team making it to the NCAA Championship game for the second year in a row. Go Dawgs!