Cold (3/52)

Pictures for focus52 this week… The prompt was Cold and how could I not follow it when we’ve had snow most of the week and it was below zero this morning.

I wish that you could see her breath a little closer to her mouth–more of a “trail.” But it really didn’t show up that clearly until it was farther away from her mouth. Also a better background might have helped, but I loved the angle of the sun here, and my yard/house doesn’t offer that many scenic spots anyway.

We really only spent a few minutes taking these pictures because like it said it was COLD, and we were actually on the way to the doctor to have a recheck on Emma’s lingering ear infection (she got a different antibiotic). School was on a two-hour delay this morning, so she ended up making it to school only a little late.

Happy Weekend!


60:365 Bench Monday::Springy Bench

I guess this is a cheat… I took this a couple weeks ago. But I’ve had a headache all day and a new shot was not meant to be. This is from our trip to the park a couple Mondays ago. That’s my daughter up there on the bench, and it was extra challenging to stay on it while it was covered in slippery snow.

47:365 Swinging in the Snow Diptych

We had the whole park to ourselves. Okay, we went primarily to take pictures, and now I owe my daughter a trip to Bath and Body Works (that’s her standard modeling fee). It was fun trying to play on all the equipment with a foot of snow on the ground.

46:365 Bench Monday::Snowy Presidents’ Day Edition

Well my kids finally got a snow day off school… too bad it happened to be a regularly scheduled holiday. They just can’t get a break this year! Sorry for another snowy bench shot… it’s all I got right now!

40:365 Snowy Diptych

40:365 Snowy Diptych, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

More snow today. I tried something a little different with the processing here. I think I like the antique feeling…

I just joined the Two for Tuesday group over on Flickr so I’d have a home for my diptychs. It’s a new group, but it already has a lot of beautiful diptychs.

39:365 Bench Monday Down by the River Edition

I don’t know the people who this bench is dedicated to, but it is in a beautiful spot. My son is hoping he’ll be working his new job next Monday, so he won’t get roped into doing another bench shot. I was glad he came with me though. This spot was too precarious for the tripod.

Alternate view:
Bench Monday Down by the River