April Showers (17/52)

Now that it’s May I guess we won’t be having any more of these… but we are still having May showers. It seems the rain just won’t stop.


21:365 Raindrop Hearts

21:365 Raindrop Hearts, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

So the good news is that the fog is gone. The bad news is that it started raining. In keeping with my “embrace the weather” philosophy, here is a shot of raindrops through the car window. My daughter has guitar lessons on Thursday night, and I’ve been using the opportunity to experiment taking pictures at night while she’s in her lesson. I forgot my umbrella and didn’t want to get out of the car, so I took this through the car window. I wish I could take credit for the making the heart-shaped raindrops, but it just happened. I don’t know what I did! In the first shot I took they were round. I feel like I cheated somehow, but I do love the effect.