170:365 A Little Drizzle (Straight from the Bottle)

Woefully behind, but still working through the a>ssignments for Creativity Boot Camp. This is for the Day 9 prompt–Drizzle. We were drizzling this chocolate syrup on a pie for Father’s Day, but Em decided it would be much more fun to drizzle straight into her mouth.


158:365 Picnic

158:365 Picnic, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

Almost 6 months into my Project 365 and I’m looking for inspiration. I’m attempting to play along with the Creativity Boot Camp, which among other things gives you a prompt for each day. Today’s prompt was “picnic.”

I have/had another shot in mind, but it requires a live model, so I went with Felicity for now (Thanks, American Girl).

149:365 St. Joseph Lighthouse

149:365 St. Joseph Lighthouse, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

We decided to escape the land of no air conditioning and spend the long weekend in St. Joseph, Michigan, about three hours from Indy. The weather was beautiful and the lake was painfully cold. One of our favorite things to do there is walk out to the lighthouse and watch the sunset over the lake.

The beach was quite the photographic challenge for me. I actually didn’t take my camera with me when we were just playing on the beach for fear of ruining it–what with all the sand and sunscreen. (I actually did ruin a camera once by getting sand in it.) Plus it is so bright during the day that exposure was a challenge and it was hard to get good shots. Sunset provided a different set of lighting challenges.

Here’s another sunset shot:

Lake Michigan Sunset

147:365 Summer Breeze…Makes Me Feel Fine

So our air conditioner is busted, and we are all rediscovering the joys of having the windows open all over the house. So far, it has not been that bad, but by late afternoon it gets pretty stuffy.

It reminds me of my non-central-air-conditioned childhood, where we set fans in the windows and slept with the windows open and played outside because even though it was scorching outside, it was miserable in the house. But then, as my kids find it hard to believe, I grew up without a microwave oven, DVD player, or a personal compter. And I walked to school. In the snow. Uphill both ways.