A Dusting

My submission for Week 1 of focus52… The optional prompt for the week was Begin… I didn’t really intend to follow the prompt–had already taken the shot before I knew what it was. But it kind of fits–it was the beginning of a snowstorm.


357:365 Christmas Eve Eve

357:365 Christmas Eve Eve, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

Emma has been wanting to get a santa hat for the cat all month, and we finally made time to stop by PetSmart today. Tabitha is a very patient kitty. She looks resigned to her fate, don’t you think?

We’re almost ready for the big day. We do most of our celebrating on Christmas Eve, actually, so tomorrow will be pretty busy–cooking, final wrapping, last minute trips to the grocery for little things I’ve forgotten (hopefully not many). Friends are coming over for dinner, and we’re supposed to get more snow starting tomorrow evening. Garrett is making a hot Swedish cider drink called Glogg (there should be an umlaut over the “o” but I don’t know how to make that symbol on the blog), and he’s making a Swedish rice pudding recipe, so we will have something new for our Christmas Eve table.

349:365 Gift of Time

349:365 Gift of Time, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

I work with three wonderful ladies in a church organization. Every year we do a Christmas lunch. Usually we go to a restaurant, but this year one of the ladies–a woman in her 70s–wanted to have our Christmas lunch at her home. She prepared and served us a lovely meal and wouldn’t let us bring anything. Her house was decorated perfectly and the food was amazing. I felt like I had stepped into a Better Homes & Gardens Christmas issue. It was a lovely gift of her time.

I’m following the prompts over at Mortal Muses. Today’s prompt was Giving.

348:365 Non-Starter

348:365 Non-Starter, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

So not everything about December is fun in the snow and pretty holiday decorations. It was 4 degrees this morning and the car’s battery decided it had had enough. Poor car got a battery transplant this afternoon, so hopefully things will go smoothly tomorrow. Which reminds me, I must leave the water faucets dripping tonight or we might wake up to another nasty surprise in the morning.