147:365 Summer Breeze…Makes Me Feel Fine

So our air conditioner is busted, and we are all rediscovering the joys of having the windows open all over the house. So far, it has not been that bad, but by late afternoon it gets pretty stuffy.

It reminds me of my non-central-air-conditioned childhood, where we set fans in the windows and slept with the windows open and played outside because even though it was scorching outside, it was miserable in the house. But then, as my kids find it hard to believe, I grew up without a microwave oven, DVD player, or a personal compter. And I walked to school. In the snow. Uphill both ways.


105:365 Kitty in the Grass

105:365 Kitty in the Grass, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

Tabitha doesn’t pay much attention to me when we’re inside the house. But whenever I’m outside she follows me around constantly meowing and winding herself around my legs. She has messed up more than one shot in her day. I was down low shooting flowers and she kept bumping my camera until finally I started taking pictures of her, which I guess is what she wanted all along. She was thoroughly enjoying the grass and the bright morning sunshine.

104:365 Ants

104:365 Ants, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

Ants love peonies. They are so sweet smelling that the ants crawl all over the buds long before there are any flowers. I’m giving up on closeups for a while. I have a zoom/macro lens but it’s cheap and you can tell in the quality of the images. This one I took with my good 50mm lens, so it looks better overall, but I can’t get as close. I cropped this a bit so that the ants are more visible. My dryer just died so I guess I won’t be getting a new lens for Mother’s Day!

101:365 Viburnum

101:365 Viburnum, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

These smell so good! My neighbor has a hedge of eight of these bushes and I have one bush. They scent the entire backyard. I always think the name is a little unspectacular for the luscious perfume scent and gorgeous blossoms. I do like the nickname of this variety, though, which is (I think) Korean Spice.