Week in Review

More Instagram pics this week…

Rained all weekend. This is what it looked like Saturday running errands.

But of course Monday morning it was all blue sky and sunshine.

Anxious to start planting flowers, but I know I really should wait until May…

Wednesday night we had pizza from a food truck

And yogurt from Huddles our favorite frozen yogurt shop.

I cooked a lot this week too. Manicotti…



So I’m a little late to the iPhone/Instagram party, but better late than never. It is really fun. Here are a few shots from the week. All were taken at or near my home, except for the barn which was taken from the interstate on the way home from Cincinnati last weekend. You can see all my Instagram photos here.

life rearranged


Our mild winter has gone straight to summer. We seem to have skipped spring–80plus degrees today.

These pictures were taken on a mild day in early January just after her 14th birthday. On a day where, remarkably, we could go out late in the afternoon with just a light jacket and take advantage of that golden sun.

It’s not unheard of, though, mild weather in January. The January Thaw they call it. The day we brought her home from the hospital 14 years ago was 60 degrees.

I had packed warm woolies, footie pajamas, and baby snowsuits that all ended up being much too hot for her to wear. In the end we stripped her down to her onesie and wrapped her up in a hospital receiving blanket. So much for newborn fashion.

I found the Brownie Target vintage camera at my neighborhood garage sale last summer.


Some reasons I love Michigan… in no particular order.

1. Low humidity

2. Lighthouses

3. Sunsets on the beach

4. Cute beach towns

5. The five of us together

6. Summer rentals

7. Kilwin’s fudge and ice cream

8. Black squirrels

9. No saltwater

10. No sharks

Cold (3/52)

Pictures for focus52 this week… The prompt was Cold and how could I not follow it when we’ve had snow most of the week and it was below zero this morning.

I wish that you could see her breath a little closer to her mouth–more of a “trail.” But it really didn’t show up that clearly until it was farther away from her mouth. Also a better background might have helped, but I loved the angle of the sun here, and my yard/house doesn’t offer that many scenic spots anyway.

We really only spent a few minutes taking these pictures because like it said it was COLD, and we were actually on the way to the doctor to have a recheck on Emma’s lingering ear infection (she got a different antibiotic). School was on a two-hour delay this morning, so she ended up making it to school only a little late.

Happy Weekend!

A Little Help, Please!

Ever make a bad decision? A miscalculation?

Something that looked so easy at the start turned out to be way harder than you thought.

Next thing you know you’ve gone too far. You’re way out on a rickety limb that won’t support your weight.

You’re really stuck. Paralyzed with indecision.

You need a friend–someone who will overlook your awkwardness

and get you going in the right direction.

Someone you trust.

Who will rescue you.

Still Celebrating Here

Yesterday was Emma’s 13th birthday. There are some definite disadvantages to having a birthday nine days after Christmas.

I mean, really. We are so full of get-togethers and presents and treats and family time. We have just barely washed the last dish from New Year’s and vacuumed up the last pine needle.

The Christmas tree is lying naked and vulnerable on the lawn, and now we must rally and think about birthday cake?  But of course the timing is not her fault. So every year we rally.

But I’m starting to see some advantages to having a birthday right after Christmas. For one, it does help ease you out of any post-Christmas blues.

If I’m not careful I can get a little sad after Christmas. Having a birthday right after gives us another happy event to focus on. We can hustle all the Christmas trappings out of sight and not fret over them too much because we have another party to plan.

Also it was a huge advantage yesterday, which was the first day back to school after the break. That is usually a tough, tough morning. But yesterday? No problem getting up.

And you can really get some deals on birthday presents with all the after-Christmas sales. But this only works if the birthday person is a newly teenaged girl who likes to get clothes for gifts. This would never have worked for the boys who do not consider clothes to be proper presents.

341:365 Show Choir Hair

341:365 Show Choir Hair, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

Getting ready for tonight’s choir concert. This look takes a lot of product–gel, hot rollers, hairspray. All three of our kids had concerts tonight… however, one was out of state, so we obviously didn’t make that one. We went to Emma’s concert because it was her first Christmas concert and we’ve been to the Messiah concert quite a few times over the years. ‘Tis the season!