Our mild winter has gone straight to summer. We seem to have skipped spring–80plus degrees today.

These pictures were taken on a mild day in early January just after her 14th birthday. On a day where, remarkably, we could go out late in the afternoon with just a light jacket and take advantage of that golden sun.

It’s not unheard of, though, mild weather in January. The January Thaw they call it. The day we brought her home from the hospital 14 years ago was 60 degrees.

I had packed warm woolies, footie pajamas, and baby snowsuits that all ended up being much too hot for her to wear. In the end we stripped her down to her onesie and wrapped her up in a hospital receiving blanket. So much for newborn fashion.

I found the Brownie Target vintage camera at my neighborhood garage sale last summer.

2 thoughts on “Fourteen

  1. Beautiful! As always. But fourteen years? We stopped by to see her on our way home from Europe. Was it that long ago? It seems like yesterday – even though, in reality, I already know she’s 14!

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