2012. The new year stretches before us like a fresh expanse of ice after the Zamboni machine has exited the rink. And like wobbly skaters we take our first tentative steps into January. I’m not making any official resolutions this year. My standbys are always there, predictable and uninspiring as ever–get organized, eat right, exercise more. I do have a few aspirations I suppose you could call them for the new year. I want to learn to use full Photoshop (not just Photoshop Elements, although it’s great). I want to read more and create more. I want to take a yoga class. I don’t suppose I will be landing any triple salchows, but hopefully as we go through the months I will pick up some speed and gain confidence.

I’m linking up again with Project 52 again with Jan at Twoscoopz–although I petered out last year, surely I can keep up with it this year, right?


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