Before & After (14/52)

We have this chair… it’s big… it’s olive greenish… it’s in my “office”… it has become the cat chair–as you can see by the scratches on the right side (and left for that matter).

It was time to do something about it. So… after staring at tutorials online for about a month I finally worked up my courage, fired up the long neglected sewing maching, and did this…

…a slipcover! I did follow the tutorials and bought the ebook from Pink and Polka Dot. My family is wondering what alien life-form has invaded by body because the most strenuous sewing I’ve done in the last five years is to make pillows and sleeping bags for the American Girl dolls.

My 25-year-old sewing machine was pretty cranky too. I was (sometimes literally) holding my breath that she would make it through.

So with Tasha looking on we made it, although she did have to spend some time shut in the basement… she likes to play with thread. (And a few times midproject I wanted to shut myself in the basement.)

It’s a no-nonsense slipcover. There’s no piping, no ruffles, no zippers. I didn’t have enough material for ruffles, and I wasn’t going to invest all that time covering the piping in advance if the whole project was going to end up a fail. So that was my reasoning.

Tasha’s adjusting pretty well. The chair still seems good for naps and bath time. There are lots of mistakes but what can I say… I am an amateur.

And a sunny day helps everything look nicer.


12 thoughts on “Before & After (14/52)

  1. What a beautiful model you have for your projects! Your “cat” tag led me here through cat surfer, and I must say, you have such a cute kitty! If you started making these for a living, her presence in your photos would be an excellent marketing tool.

  2. Beautiful images and great project! I understand your story so much – I had my sewing machine break as I was finishing two quilts. My mom let me use her old one to finish up – I spent the whole time holding my breath as well, hoping that it would work. Luckily it did!! Great job!

  3. You did a wonderful job of saving that comfortable chair. It is so shabby chic which is so in and so “green”. I wish I were that ambitious. I have an ottoman that my dog has just worn out.
    Your images are lovely and so warm and inviting.

  4. You did an AWESOME job!!! Seriously, this rocks, and couldn’t have been easy at all with the material. I did some outdoor covers last year and swore every step of the way πŸ˜€
    This looks fantastic. And the ‘mistakes’ that you see (and I don’t!) can only contribute to the relaxed and comfy feel of it.

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