Spring Cleaning (9/52)

I’m linking up with the gallery wall party at the Inspired Room. Go here to see more walls.

I have been on a spring cleaning tear–and therefore I don’t have many photos to show for myself. I repainted the kids’ bathroom, which took forever–why is it that the smallest rooms take the longest? And I’ve been stewing over creating some kind of gallery wall over the sofa in the living room. This was my first attempt. I pretty much just eyeballed it so it’s not perfect. I’m also probably going to switch out many of the photos here and use all black and whites, but I just wanted to get something up for now. I like this much better than what I had up there before.

I’m also planning to repaint the living room, which is another reason I wanted to experiment now before I have to worry about marring new paint–I pretty much have to drive three nails for every one picture I hang.


7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning (9/52)

  1. i love it. i have tons of wall space in our den that we just painted a few months ago, and a big blank wall in my kitchen that I would like to do. good luck with it. i like the blank frame, that’s a good idea.
    “Godzilla kitty” I wish you could have heard me laughing.

  2. Looking good, ambitious woman!
    I’m an eyeballer too. LOL! I totally relate.
    I have to tell you though, the last few times I did an arrangement, I actually bit the bullet and cut the frame sizes out in paper and put them on the wall first. It made a HUGE difference, and you can play around as much as you want. Without nails 😉

  3. This is a great idea! We are just in the stage of putting up stuff on the walls of our new house and this might be just the type of thing for one of them…thanks for sharing

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