Love and Words (6/52)

The focus52 theme this week was Love, and since Em and I already did the whole Valentine’s photo shoot last week, I decided to go a different route. I dragged out my trusty Riverside Shakespeare and turned to the sonnets.

That’s my handwriting of 25 years or so ago… dutifully taking notes in English Lit class. And the pressed flower was a little bonus. I must’ve stuck it in the book years ago, during my dried flower phase. The photo is a little cliche with the shadow heart and the ring, but it’s the first time I’ve done such a shot. Also, I could not get the ring to stand vertically in the fold, which makes the heart more pronounced I think.

This is an old book of Love poems by James Whitcomb Riley, an Indiana native, better known for his down-home poems like “Little Orphant Annie” and “The Frost Is on the Punkin.” But he wrote love poems too.

And finally, my neighbor started a book group. We’ve met twice. These are some possible titles for our group–from Jane Austen (never read Northanger Abbey before) to Stieg Larsson. I’m reading A Reliable Wife right now. So far it’s really good.

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7 thoughts on “Love and Words (6/52)

  1. Nice post…I think we were in the same English class 🙂
    And then I did the math and realized that mine was a couple of years earlier than that….eeek!

  2. I found that the topic this week was not easy. I am a long time nothing occurred. I think your idea is brilliant. I especially like the first picture with the ring that casts the shadow of a heart, and the detail of a Shakespeare poem. This reminds me of love: love poem of Romeo and Juliet, wedding or engagement, love of books …
    Very nice.

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