Good-bye, January (4/52)

Your days are numbered…


7 thoughts on “Good-bye, January (4/52)

  1. Nice shots! I can’t believe how fast January flew by.
    That arched house? wow!
    and I had to go look up info on that last sculpture. I am now educated 😉

  2. these are wonderful images that really express the winter beauty with a touch of whimsy. great little playhouse, and i love the footprints of dog and human. lovely.

  3. The January passed more quickly than in recent years. Maybe because I have not yet photographed last year and the days now with location scouting and spend 24 hours not enough:)?
    These are very nice photos. I am fascinated by the second photo with the artwork (?). This looks great.
    Your photos are always very beautiful colors, even if it’s gray and brown and barren outside, your colors shine beautifully.

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