Cold (3/52)

Pictures for focus52 this week… The prompt was Cold and how could I not follow it when we’ve had snow most of the week and it was below zero this morning.

I wish that you could see her breath a little closer to her mouth–more of a “trail.” But it really didn’t show up that clearly until it was farther away from her mouth. Also a better background might have helped, but I loved the angle of the sun here, and my yard/house doesn’t offer that many scenic spots anyway.

We really only spent a few minutes taking these pictures because like it said it was COLD, and we were actually on the way to the doctor to have a recheck on Emma’s lingering ear infection (she got a different antibiotic). School was on a two-hour delay this morning, so she ended up making it to school only a little late.

Happy Weekend!


11 thoughts on “Cold (3/52)

  1. Polaroid effect has worked very well on the first shot and it’s quite harder to capture the trail than one could imagine. You did very well on capturing her breath/trail.

    Definitely all the shots looks cold and depicts the wintry weather.

  2. Love that first one, already left a flickr comment 😉
    I think the background is perfect, actually. The shot of the vintage looking red makes the icy breath stand out to me.
    Winter … brrrr.

  3. LOVE the light in these images, especially the glow in her hair in the first image. Beautiful. Her breath is perfect from my eye. I could even see it in the thumbnail. Brrr. Well done!

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