Acrobat (Week 2/52)

Wildlife photographer I am not, but I was pretty pleased with myself to capture this little guy–a nuthatch I think–just hangin’ out on the birdfeeder. And the best part is I took this photo while enjoying the comfort and warmth of the birdwatching room at the park. It’s a great place–big picture window that opens onto the forest, luxurious leather couches, and the sound from outdoors is piped inside so you can actually hear the bubbling brook and birdsong.

For week 2 of focus52


8 thoughts on “Acrobat (Week 2/52)

  1. Are you kidding me? This is awesome!!!
    I would so hang out in that room with you. Can we bring blankets and coffee?
    LOL! seriously, don’t laugh 😉

  2. That’s a wonderful shot. Nice composition, so interesting with mr birdie upside down and the bokeh is great. Works really well in b/w too.

  3. I like the photo very much. It has a nice subject, the bird takes a unique perspective and the sharpness is great. Black and white photos are very effective for this match.
    Black/white is very well for this photo.

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