Still Celebrating Here

Yesterday was Emma’s 13th birthday. There are some definite disadvantages to having a birthday nine days after Christmas.

I mean, really. We are so full of get-togethers and presents and treats and family time. We have just barely washed the last dish from New Year’s and vacuumed up the last pine needle.

The Christmas tree is lying naked and vulnerable on the lawn, and now we must rally and think about birthday cake?  But of course the timing is not her fault. So every year we rally.

But I’m starting to see some advantages to having a birthday right after Christmas. For one, it does help ease you out of any post-Christmas blues.

If I’m not careful I can get a little sad after Christmas. Having a birthday right after gives us another happy event to focus on. We can hustle all the Christmas trappings out of sight and not fret over them too much because we have another party to plan.

Also it was a huge advantage yesterday, which was the first day back to school after the break. That is usually a tough, tough morning. But yesterday? No problem getting up.

And you can really get some deals on birthday presents with all the after-Christmas sales. But this only works if the birthday person is a newly teenaged girl who likes to get clothes for gifts. This would never have worked for the boys who do not consider clothes to be proper presents.


3 thoughts on “Still Celebrating Here

  1. I am pleased that you have set new photos. The black and white photos are very beautiful. Happy birthday to your daughter. My daughter is 13 years old in May. She is looking forward.

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