Catching My Breath: A Recap of 2010

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2010. Like it or not it’s over. And after all the time and effort I put into my Project 365, I wanted to give it one last look before moving on. The slideshow above highlights some of my favorites over the year. I’m not sure they’re my best photos, and they may not be my favorites tomorrow. But today, while I’m writing this post, these are the photos I chose.

Also, in the spirit of wrapping things up, here are some things I learned and some progress I made while doing this project:

  • Learned what RAW format is and started shooting in it
  • Started shooting in Manual mode most of the time
  • Purchased Photoshop Elements and Adobe Lightroom and learned basic editing in both
  • Dabbled in using textures and actions
  • Learned to look at everything as a potential photograph

And now the bad part–the things I didn’t like about the 365:

  • The pressure–self-imposed to be sure but pressure nonethless–of taking and posting a photo every day. I tried to alleviate some of it by giving myself permission to not have to post every day, but then the photos just stack up and you get behind and things ultimately get worse.
  • The time commitment. It takes a lot more time than I realized to shoot, upload, choose, edit, and post a photo every day.
  • The frustration of not being able to “use” good shots. Some days I might have 20 shots that I like and could only choose one. The next day I might have nothing good, but would have to post a bad photo anyway.

So what’s next? I don’t want to lose ground on the progress I’ve made this year, but I’m definitely not up for another 365. I’ve joined Jan’s focus52 group over at twoscoopz. It’s less restrictive–basically you post one photo a week of whatever you want. And without the pressure of a photo a day I hope to go more in depth in some of the things I learned above and be more thoughtful in my photography.

Some photography goals for 2011:

  • Keep shooting, hopefully daily
  • Really learn to use Photoshop Elements and Lightroom
  • Print more of my photos
  • Learn to use off-camera flash
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4 thoughts on “Catching My Breath: A Recap of 2010

  1. Totally nodding along with every single thing you said here. And I remember when I started shooting RAW, I couldn’t really figure out what the heck the difference was, other than easier editing. Now, I can pick out exactly which shots were jpgs. ha! (and ewww!)

    You know what I think is so great? That I can look at your slideshow and remember almost every single shot you took. And smile. If not for a 365, I wouldn’t have made half the friendships I made this year. Even though they’re online friendships, friendships nonetheless.

    Looking forward to 2011 with you, chicklet. I was worried you’d had enough 😉

  2. So glad you’re going to continue shooting and posting! I was afraid it was over and I was prepared to be disappointed. I have truly enjoyed your 365 and look forward to your 52 (feel free to post more than one a week). 🙂

  3. i really enjoy your posts! i’m going to come back here more often – you’ve officially been added to my google reader! what wonderful goals you have set for yourself – i’m not sure where you live but i’m in kansas – if you’re ever in the area let me know and we’ll do coffee. my favorite off-camera flash technique to learn was “manual” off-camera flash – it has worked miracles for me during wedding receptions! bravo to you for learning about raw and adobe lightroom – i just ventured into that world in 2010 as well!

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