327:365 More Pie

326:365 More Pie, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

Making an entire Thanksgiving dinner all by yourself is a lot like giving birth: You forget how bad it’s going to be until you’re in the middle of it. And after 15 or more years of cooking dinner mostly by myself–not counting “help” from the kids–I’ve pretty much tried every method imaginable from all-natural to completely medicated.

Let’s see, there was the cooking bag phase of a few years ago that boasted easy cleanup but left the turkey unevenly browned and vulnerable looking. Then we got cable TV and I went through my Food Network phase, where brining was all the rage. That year, the poor turkey spent the night before Thanksgiving shivering in a bucket of a salt water on my back porch. But all we got for our effort was–what do you know–a salty bird. So salty it was nearly inedible. (Does Food Network give refunds? Because I’ve had a lot of flops from their recipes.)

This year much to my family’s trepidation we’re having a good old-fashioned Food Blog Thanksgiving. I used the No-Roll Pie Crust recipe from joythebaker.com to make pies tonight–two pumpkin and a banana cream. Do you know Joy the Baker? She’s my go-to woman for baked goods–especially pancakes. The crust is delicious and easy. You don’t get the lovely fluted edges, but I can never get those to look right anyway.

I’m also making Pioneer Woman’s No-Knead Rolls. From year to year I can never remember which roll recipe I like, and I usually end up trying a new one each year. The jury is still out on these.

MarthaStewart.com is supplying the turkey recipe, and I’m using a dressing recipe from Eatingwell.com.

So we’ll see how successful Food Blog Thanksgiving 2010 is. By Friday I’m sure I will have a full-blown case of kitchen fatigue. Let’s just hope I don’t lose my Internet connection before then.

Okay, for some reason I cannot get the Linky tool to work… so I am including the blog hop button at least. Love the Mortal Muses.


12 thoughts on “327:365 More Pie

  1. Sounds like a lot of cooking using recipes from blogs. We do love cooking based on recipes from blog – as we get the feel those are truly tested by folks like you and me 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like you will be having a delicious one:) I have to agree about the brined turkey…I tried it once and it was Way too salty…even the gravy was too salty.

    I love your photos!

  3. Well, good tip on the brining! I will avoid that one. I like the photo you chose for this post! Thanks for linking in to the Mortal Muse blog hop!!

  4. Hope your thanksgiving was wonderful and also hope the recipes were a huge success. There are several really good sites that have amazing recipes. Just keep hopping around until you find the ones you love. I get most of my recipes for blogging. I have found some of the best ever by keeping up with the blogs of my friends.

  5. Oh, I feel your pain with the fixing dinner alone. It’s only been in the last 3 years I’ve had help from now grown children. And I prefer the ‘medicated’ version. 🙂
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday.
    Thanks for joining us on the blog hop!

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