189:365 Off the Wagon

189:365 Off the Wagon, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

I fell off the 365 wagon yesterday. I’m not sure why. There’s been a lot going on this week, but that’s always the case. I have had busier times in the past six months where I still managed to take and post a photo. But it just didn’t happen. I joke that my muse is at camp–and maybe there’s some truth in that. Fortunately, she’ll be home tomorrow–after having endured four grueling days of 90+ degree heat and nearly as much humidity.

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2 thoughts on “189:365 Off the Wagon

  1. I think that summer is a little hard too because our days are less structured, y’know? Kids are out of school, vacations happening, lazy hazy days of summer kind of thing 😉
    But you came back! That’s what matters!
    Beautiful shot 🙂

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