147:365 Summer Breeze…Makes Me Feel Fine

So our air conditioner is busted, and we are all rediscovering the joys of having the windows open all over the house. So far, it has not been that bad, but by late afternoon it gets pretty stuffy.

It reminds me of my non-central-air-conditioned childhood, where we set fans in the windows and slept with the windows open and played outside because even though it was scorching outside, it was miserable in the house. But then, as my kids find it hard to believe, I grew up without a microwave oven, DVD player, or a personal compter. And I walked to school. In the snow. Uphill both ways.


3 thoughts on “147:365 Summer Breeze…Makes Me Feel Fine

  1. this made me smile….
    sounds like my childhood too.

    we were never inside during the summer.

    and then we got a bit older and got a window unit and we would all hover around that cold air.

    fun stuff.

  2. I grew up the same way… how did we ever survive? Great picture… cats certainly like the open windows 🙂

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