4 thoughts on “90:365 Out Like a Lamb

  1. I love that this is just part of her. It’s the details of our daughters we need to remember, don’t you think? I have a friend who used to take photos of the back of her daughter’s head….the view she had when she was brushing her hair. This reminds me of that. Just the small, wonderful parts.

    • Thanks for your comment, Kim. I have just recently discovered the beauty of portraits that do not show the face. I took quite a few today actually–some of the back of Emma’s head, as a matter of fact! I’ve also found that she’ll pose longer when she knows her face is not in the picture.

  2. beautiful shot, really love the composition. it’s supposed to be 80 here on Saturday. go figure from 50’s to 80’s. but it will be nice to get outside!

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