73:365 Chocolate Chip

73:365 Chocolate Chip, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

My daughter made these cookies today. It’s great that she can make them all by herself now–except she does get tired of the baking part after the first batch comes out of the oven. I usually give her a break and finish the baking.


3 thoughts on “73:365 Chocolate Chip

    • Sure Lorraine! When do you want her? 🙂 I’m enjoying my little 365 project but it is getting harder. I’m running low on inspiration… I have photographed everything inside and outside my house. I need some new scenery and some spring/summer greenery 🙂

  1. that’s great that she’s giving it a try! i like the shot, beautiful lighting. my son made Funfetti (cakemix) the other day. he poured the mix into muffin trays and went to bake them only to find out that our oven broke! it wouldn’t light. i felt so bad.

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