50:365 Ballet Flats

50:365 Ballet Flats, originally uploaded by team.breeze.

Day 50 of my 365 project. Seems like a milestone but there’s still so much left. I’ve decided I love pictures of shoes. There’s something so poignant about a pair of empty shoes. These are my daughter’s much worn, now outgrown ballet flats. Soon to be on their way to the Goodwill store.

I had some fun with the processing here. I’m still such a novice at using Photoshop Elements. My main problem is that I don’t know when to stop, and also I can never remember what I did to get a certain effect. That’s two problems I guess. At least.

Here’s a creamier version that I also like:

Ballet Flats 2


5 thoughts on “50:365 Ballet Flats

  1. i love them both! i always have the same problem with photoshop, i would love the effect i got and would forget how i got it. i don’t’ know how to do actions so i save the layers in documents and if i wanted to use it again i would pull it up and drop a picture in.

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