4 thoughts on “35:365 Window Shopping at Night Diptych

  1. Hi Kim. Yes, diptychs are a little addictive I’m finding!

    You can create diptychs (also called collages or mosaics in the programs) several different ways. You can use Picasa which is a free downloadable photo editing program from Google. If you don’t want to bother downloading Picasa, you can use Flickr tools/toys from bighugelabs.com–choose the Mosaic Maker. And I just discovered that you can also use picnik.com (go directly to picnik.com… I couldn’t find the collage maker when I went to picnik through Flikr). I think I will probably use Picnik next because you can choose a template where you can have the two photos be different sizes–for instance one wide photo and one longer narrow photo, which is actually what I wanted for this window shopping diptych, but the other two programs wouldn’t do it. Both Picasa and Mosaic Maker keep your images the same size when you’re only using two photos. All these services are free–unless you want to do something really fancy and then Picnik has an upgrade fee.

  2. I love your diptychs. I haven’t tried it yet, but you’re definitely inspiring me. And that does look like a super cool shop 🙂

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