26:365 Flower in Front of Window

By the time I got around to photographing the flowers I bought last weekend they were a little droopy, so I decided to experiment with processing–and a square crop. I think the soft focus works pretty well with the droopy petals. I’m still not really comfortable with how much post processing to do or which program I prefer. I’ve tried Gimp, Photoshop Elements, Picasa, and Picnik and like each one of them for different reasons. Often I’ll start out editing in one program–say Photoshop Elements–but don’t know how to do what I want to do in it and so I will switch to another program to finish it up. For instance I added a vignette to this photo with Picnik because it’s just so easy to do it there. Anyone have any advice for me?

4 thoughts on “26:365 Flower in Front of Window

  1. This is just dreamy… really lovely. I wish I could help with editing advise, but I’m an Elements newbie myself and my knowledge is VERY limited. I am taking Susan Tuttle’s photo manipulation workshop next week, so hopefully I’ll learn something new 🙂

  2. You have processed it perfectly :). I advice you to get the lightroom 3 beta and I am sure you’ll going to love it. There are lots of free presets online that you can download, Sara-ji of shuttersisters.com have some or you just play with exposures on the right side of the software.

    The lightroom beta is free until april. Or you can add textures to it on your PSE, nevertheless, you’re flower is awesome 🙂

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